I think most would agree on this, but they still don't have any #1 seed candidates and the ACC still probably has more overall tournament teams. The Big 12 has an amazing strength per-capita, but no top-of-the-top teams and only one team that isn't carrying their load, while the ACC has two of the first and five of… » 2/17/15 12:38am 2/17/15 12:38am

Five is the limit, I say. After five, you've expanded past the reasonable realms of an ensemble sitcom. Nobody's gonna watch a show about seven friends trying to have it all in the big city, that's too many friends. Who can keep track? » 2/11/15 2:20am 2/11/15 2:20am

The Kings have a top three player in a position in Cousins and two very serviceable players in Gay and McLemore, the latter of which is a second-year lottery pick. The Magic have Vucevic and Oladipo, sure, but nobody that could match Cousins. The Kings are also getting a new stadium and are clearly set to stay in the… » 2/07/15 10:06pm 2/07/15 10:06pm

How senior a member are you, though? I know you've been here for years, but I'm pretty sure you haven't been here as long as at least six people I know who take complaint with the degree and volume of certain posts. I'm not saying they're all right or you're right, but it's most certainly not an "All senior members… » 2/05/15 12:19am 2/05/15 12:19am

So very much spot on happening up in here. Special shout out to all Saabs, by the way, for not actually being good cars in any way. They get lumped in with best-in-their-class Volvos all the time and they're just out here being just quirky enough to get away with never once doing anything worth a damn. » 2/04/15 3:17am 2/04/15 3:17am